Rider Profile: Nik Ford

Nik Ford Nik Ford

Birth Date:
March 1983

Home Town:
Stratford upon Avon.

Home park/trail:
Stratford upon Avon skatepark.

Diamondback Forum.

Can you remember when riding stopped becoming a hobby but a way of life?
As far back as I can remember I have always been into bikes but if I had to pin point a time when BMX became more than a hobby it would be my first day working at Pashley Cycles.

How did you first get hooked up with Diamondback?
It was 2008 and after being messed about my a bike company that will remain nameless and with no support I ended up with a bike that was falling apart. The guys at Raleigh put in a good word for me with their contacts at Diamondback and I have been on the team ever since.

What does riding for Diamondback mean to you?
I'm very proud to be part of a brand that I have looked up to from my first days on a BMX. When I was younger I really wanted a 1996 Diamondback Venom in chrome, blue decals and with the clear grips that meant you could see the DB logo on the bars. However I couldn't afford one and now to be on the team and have my choice of the range is a dream come true.

Tell us about your bike setup:
I'm currently riding the Diamondback Forum, pretty much straight out the box, it's rad. I've added some hub guards and pegs but that's it. I am looking forward to testing out the UK team frame we are working on in the near future. Keep an eye out on the Diamondback BMX Europe Facebook for more info...

Riding has given you the opportunity to travel and ride some great places, which has been the most memorable?
The year I spent in Australia would definitely be my most memorable. I competed in the South Eastern Australian BMX League, won 2 medals during the qualifying tour and finished in the top 5 at the grand final in Melbourne City. I also had a full page feature in 2020 BMX magazine and an interview in Focalpoint BMX Magazine. Another stand out highlight from my time in Oz was wining the “Chelsea Skate of Mind” festival. I returned to Melbourne in early 2013 and picked up a top 10 finish at one of the heats.

Who do you respect in BMX?
Stephen Murray, a huge source of inspiration to me - STAY STRONG. Kye Forte, a model professional. Toby Forte, absolute legend, fellow head injury survivor and he does the best one handed flatties. Cooper Brownlee, rad rider and does a lot behind the scenes, it's important to give back and the guys above definitely do that. Finally, Will Jackson, another shredder who has got his shit together. Also shout out to the guys and gals that hold down a job and still find time to ride.

What has been your scariest moment full stop on a bike?
Being in a coma in 2003 due to a serious head injury – Ride UK BMX Magazine have a 3 part article with all the details on their website if you wanted to find out more. It's quite a long story to copy into my team bio! The links are in the information section of my Facebook page. Check it out here – www.facebook.com/nikfordbmx.

What have you got planned for this season?
I am on my 10 year tour! Stoked to have picked up some good results already and in an ideal world I would like to work on an interview for one of the BMX magazines, have a chance to tell my story and get to shoot some photos I have wanted to do for a while. Hopefully a few more trips with the team but most importantly have fun doing whatever I do and staying injury free would see me right.

Any words of wisdom?
What comes easy won't last and what lasts won't come easy. Fight the good fight and don’t be afraid to live the life you have imagined, I was once told that I would never be able to ride a bike again and I have been chasing my dreams for 10 years! Check out my 2003 - 2013 edit here - www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_jTeLCDlVI. And always WEAR A HELMET!

Shout outs and hook ups?
Much love to my wife Fiona, my family, all my friends in the UK and in Australia, all the companies that have helped me during my career, especially long-term sponsors Diamondback, Trion:Z, Glory Days Apparel and DuFFS Footwear. Shout out to Steve Rooke and the Redditch Wheels Project, Falmouth University, Horizon Watches. Anyone who bought my films, Unsung or the sequel, What Next...? and the shops that stocked them. Thank you to all the websites, blogs and magazines that have given me coverage over the years. All the good people that I have hung out with on my travels and finally, if you think your name should have been in this list then chances are it should and for that I am sorry and a big thank you to you. Peace, Love and Unity.