Rider Profile: Kayley Ashworth

Kayley Ashworth Kayley Ashworth

Birth Date:

Home Town:

Home park/trail:
I would call Asylum Skatepark my home park, after 9yrs of riding I've had a few home parks, Rampworx and Adrenaline Alley to name a few. I am excited for the UK to warm up abit (as so, Asylum Skatepark will no longer be a freezer) I am definitely not a girl that enjoys riding my bike in the cold, hitting the floor hurts 10 times more!

Diamondback Nightseeker 20.8" built with custom Diamondback components.

Can you remember when riding stopped becoming a hobby but a way of life?
Erm, it's become a surprise to hear people talking about my riding an associating it with phrases like 'passionate', I've always rode my bike and simply enjoyed it, to then know that other people can see that, well, it is flattering. When you find yourself waking up most mornings and carrying something out that involves BMX, spending student loans on BMX trips across the UK, booking holidays without your family and going to a competition instead - that's probably when I realised it was more than a hobby – or just an obsession.

How did you first get hooked up with Diamondback?
I was riding Beast Rampz in Manchester the same time as the Diamondback tour visited the park, I already knew Jay and Ollie so I rode with them as I would ride with anyone I've met in this BMX world – a couple weeks later I was approached and it went from there.

What does riding for Diamondback mean to you?
My first bike was diamondback, my first bike changed everything, and I have no idea where I would be now if I had never got my first BMX or entered a skate park. It's an absolute honour to now be a part of the company who started this journey.

Tell us about your bike setup:
It's important that I have a light set-up, I accept that my build and strength can differ to some other riders, so a lightweight, 20.8” tt and quite a high rise in my bars makes jumping boxes a delight :D and colour coordinated too, that's VERY important.

Riding has given you the opportunity to travel and ride some great places, which has been the most memorable?
Oh gosh, that's a difficult one, Simple session has to be up there, it's the only place I've been with more than 5 girl riders and taken over the dance floor – there are so many different personalities in the girl BMX scene, it's amazing to see them come together with one relation, BMX.

Who do you respect in MTB/BMX?
MTB - It has to be Jesse Jones, if you don't know him, it's your loss :)
BMX - hmm, I'd hold an element of respect to anyone who rode their bike, just for a sake of riding their bike.
I also respect every company I have come across for whatever reason; Seventies was the first place that I ventured to without my parents, yes big deal!
When it comes to riders that I admire, that's difficult, I love watching trail riders - when they're riding at once they look like bunny rabbits bopping around!
Specific riders have to include Mark Webb - this guy has done a lot for me and the entire BMX scene :)

What has been your scariest moment full stop on a bike?
Wow, I've experienced my fair share of moments (usually resulting in injuries ha-ha) the scariest moment has to be in summer 2012, I fell 9ft tangled in my bike, this left me requiring surgery to pin my arm back into place, the scariest moment though, has to be when I was told I had cracked my neck. I cried. My first assumption was that damaging my neck meant I would never walk again, but then I felt an itch in my leg, so the world wasn't so dark. Moments like that really show you who will stand by you throughout, I cannot thank everyone enough for their messages, hugs and support.

What have you got planned for this season?
Well, after moving into a house with Jack I feel rather grown up! I'm always going to ride, but I have a bigger price to pay if I go throwing myself off my bike, I don't think work would be very impressed with that!

Any words of wisdom?
If you feel like riding your bike, go ride your bike. Simple as.

Shout outs and hook ups?
I could be here for a very long time giving shout outs haha; I am a very appreciative person so chances are, if I've come across you and we've done something fun or you've done something for me, THANKS :D

I would also like to take this moment to thank other companies, of whom, I represent:
Lifer BMX Shop
Bawbags Underwear
Fox Girls
Rocketdog Shoes

In order to be part of the Diamondback team, I had to say goodbye to 2 companies who have supported me endlessly, Superstar and Zeal, thank you.

Thanks to everyone, here's to an exciting new venture! HIYA DIAMONDBACK!