Rider Profile: Ingus Rutulis

Ingus Rutulis Ingus Rutulis

Birth Date:

Home Town:
Valmiera/Riga, Latvia

Home park/trail:
Troyka skatepark and Monsterparks

Custome made

Can you remember when riding stopped becoming a hobby but a way of life?
It was spring of 2010 when me and my homies founded TROYKA crew, since that riding in my life is more than just a hobby.

How did you first get hooked up with Diamondback?
It all started with an email.

What does riding for Diamondback mean to you?
My first bmx bike was diamondback grind and when i bought it, I never realy thought i’ll ride for this company in the future, that means alot

Riding has given you the opportunity to travel and ride some great places, which has been the most memorable?
Best memories what BMX has brought to me definitely is eurotrip when me and my homies went from east to west side of Europe and ride so many amazing places like Cologne, Berlin, Amsterdam etc. and had a lot of fun. Also K’Ontest in Vilnius has became an awesome tradition in past couple of years.

What do you think is the most ground-breaking moment in BMX since you've been riding?
Garrett Reynolds deadline video part premier

Who do you respect in BMX?
All my team mates from TROYKA crew and Diwerso brand and of course Ed Zunda because he’s the one who put Latvia’s name on bmx map.

What has been your scariest moment full stop on a bike?
Riding through red lights in traffic jam is always scary, dont know when u’ll get hit by a car, lol

What have you got planned for this season?
Don’t want to reveal my plans before they come true, all i can tell is – Southern Europe

Any words of wisdom?
I dont ride bike to add days to my life, i ride bike to add life to my days!

Shout outs and hook ups?
Shout outs to James Baker, homies from TROYKA crew for all trips we’ve been to and the ones we’ll go to, Diwerso brand and my family.